Wednesday, October 31, 2007

dwindling halloween

Happy Halloween. For the first time, only one of my girls wanted to go trick-or-treating. The other one stayed home to hand out candy. While it was kind of nice not to have to put together two costumes, it does feel kind of sad to be moving out of an era!

Monday, October 22, 2007

more scenery


We spent the last several days in the mountains and Colorado's western slope area. Beautiful scenery and fun family times. We were surprised by a couple of our exciting October snowstorms, though -- a little one on the way there and a big one the day we drove back. The drive back was a little harrowing, and we had a close call on a slippery hill as we approached a major accident, but managed to escape injury or damage (we did get tapped on the back bumper by the guy behind us). It could have been so much worse. People were sliding off the road right and left. Luckily it was in a flat valley, not on the side of a cliff.
I have spent the last half hour trying to get World Series tickets, but with no luck. We go to a couple of Rockies games a year, and it would be awesome to get to see them play in the World Series. We figured it would be a long shot to get through online and get tickets, but we'll enjoy watching it at home too. [Just found out that almost no one got tickets due to massive numbers of people trying to get them at once, so we may have another slim chance to try again!]
I notice, looking at this photo now that I've posted it, that it is demonstrating the effect of the new problem I've been having with my camera -- the retractable lens cover doesn't always open all the way, right away; hence the dark corners. Oh well.

Friday, October 5, 2007

nothing but photos


I have been really busy this week with work, but I wanted to post a picture I took this weekend during our last camping trip of the season.
Nothing else to say at the moment really...time to get back to work!