Tuesday, November 30, 2010

reverberations (#reverb10)

So why am I doing reverb10? I think I was drawn to it first because I admire Gwen Bell so much -- don't even remember how I first heard of her, and I have never even tried to connect with her, but I love how she is one of those people who has made the life she wants and presents such a beautiful picture of it to others.

I have wanted to be part of a community for a long time, and have lurked around the edges of some awesome ones online for years. Why haven't I put myself out there to be part of it? This is a way to put my toe in. Seems like it would be a welcoming community.
I am an editor in my everyday life, and editing is something I truly enjoy, but I also want to be a writer. And the only way to be a writer is to write. So this will get me writing more often. I really want to make myself stick with it.

I want to look back on my year and think about all that has happened, beyond summarizing it in words and photos for our Christmas card. I want to think about how the changes in my job, changes in my family, and changes in myself have made me the person I am now. I really want 2011 to be my year. It should be: my lucky number is 11. Well, I can't really say what has ever been lucky about it throughout my life, but I was born on the 11th and have always connected with that number. I am ready for the coming year to be the one in which I explode into the fully realized person I am meant to be.

Life goes by so fast. I want to hang on to the little moments and feel that I am not missing them, that life is not passing me by. This seems like a good way to focus on that.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

things to think about

A couple of weeks ago after I finished my photo shoot of the guys climbing the bridge in downtown Denver, I was heading back to the car when I caught sight of this window. I think this was some kind of ad agency or studio, but it was hard to tell, and no one was inside. I really liked these messages, though, and how they put them out there for passersby to see and absorb.