Thursday, April 7, 2011

making it better

I was running my Week 4, Day 2 run of Couch to 5K yesterday and, while I was noticing my aerobic endurance getting better, I was also thinking, "ow, ow, ow, ow" with each step. I started worrying that I'm going to mess up my knees, make my bunion start hurting again, wah wah waaahhh...

And then I realized: I am running in old cross-training shoes (not running shoes) with many miles of neighborhood walking on them. Duh! I need new shoes!

At first I thought I would do what I did with my current shoes - look on the clearance rack at DSW and find something that fits. And then I realized: I should take as good care of my own feet and body as I do of my daughter's! So I went to Boulder Running Company and had them do the video analysis of my gait and tried on several different shoes that the specialist picked out for my special feet, and bought some really comfy high-quality PINK running shoes. (And it only cost a little more than buying them off the clearance rack!)

This is going to be much better.