Friday, November 2, 2007

being a tigger

I had a little downtime tonight and decided to clear off the Tivo by watching some things I'd recorded. One was "Crazy Sexy Cancer," by Kris Carr. Tivo had decided I only needed one hour of it, so I still haven't seen the second half. But I really liked watching Kris and her go-get-em attitude about living with her incurable cancer.
The other show I watched was the Oprah episode featuring Kris and Randy Pausch, who did the "last lecture" I had seen on YouTube a few weeks ago. He is dying of pancreatic cancer but such an upbeat person with such a great outlook on life.
Wow, do both of those people make you think. One of Randy's philosophies is that you have to decide early in life whether you are going to be a Tigger or an Eeyore. I really want to consider myself a Tigger, but I have really been shlumping around like a big fat Eeyore lately. Life is short and I really need to embrace it more.
I resolve to be a Tigger!

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