Thursday, January 7, 2010

like / no like


I like this time of year when I'm feeling all organize-y and self-improvement-y. I don't like that I haven't been sleeping very well and that I have awakened the last couple days with one eye so puffy that when I look down I can see my own face.

I like that I have work again (yay for not getting laid off! yay for earning money!) I don't like that I have so much trouble fitting in creative pursuits and working out when I am working any appreciable amount.
I like that I have video evidence of playing the piano with my daughter. I don't like that all I can see when I look at the video my hubby posted on FB (not the one that photo is taken from) are the weird and unattractive faces I make when I play the piano and the most horrific double-chin I have ever seen. Now on display for all my friends (and work colleagues, and old boyfriends, and so on...) to see. Argh.

So, in the spirit of my self-improvement-y feeling, how do I solve these "dislikes"? Well, I really need to get over worrying about what I look like, especially when my image gets put out there for all to see. It's just life. I'm living it, flab and weird faces and all. If I really, really try to fit in the exercise, I will sleep better and be less puffy. And maybe improve the double-chin, too.
Off to go work out now!

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  1. lol - this post made me laugh and sounds so much like you. My left eyelid is puffed up beyond belief right now for no reason. Probably another reason why i laughed. Yep, the pride just goes straight to hell on vanity at this point. I'm not saying give up but my double chin will live with me like an unborn twin unless i opt for plastic surgery, which i won't. OMG Katie has THE SAME CHIN and already knows it. Her's just looks cute but when she hits 35 or so ...

    On to creative pursuits!