Friday, November 20, 2009

starting to get there

I am finally starting to actually do some things I want to do. It's really too bad that I can only do that when I am not working. Or hardly working. I have to scrounge and scrape for hours at work anymore...think I am coming to the end of this pretty sweet gig. I worked 8 hours this week -- woo. Better than nothing, but it's kind of a bummer to be on the payroll and still have to beg for work. I am meeting with some people at another company next week, so we will see how that pans out. I need to finish updating my resume. I really would rather be doing another kind of work, so I am slowly exploring what kinds of options I might have. I really want to write more, and edit web writing rather than manage proposals. I am freakin' sick of proposals.

The good news: I have been playing the piano for like an hour every day. I got recruited to perform a duet with my daughter of a little swingy jazz tune for an ensemble event put on by the music teachers' association, and I really enjoyed it! We performed at the cafe of the fancy new Whole Foods, and then we performed it at the event last Saturday. We both made little mistakes and both felt kind of like it wasn't as good as we could have been, but then we got the marks from the judge, and they were glowing reviews! She praised our excellent jazz technique and swing rhythm and our technical wonderfulness. And she commented on what a fun thing it was for a mother and daughter to do together. It sure was.

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  1. I'm grateful that you are my friend, and sorry that we didn't get together this weekend. i ended up sick all day today so that actually ended up being a good thing. 2010 will be our creative year, Christy! I love your posts and have you bookmarked again.