Sunday, November 1, 2009

the first of november


Well, in case I manage to actually do this NaBloPoMo thingy this time, I guess it would be good to post something before Nov. 1 is over. How 'bout some gratitude?
It was a fun weekend - a looooonnng weekend - three snowdays and then a nice Saturday and Sunday. A fun concert, a Halloween party, a nice Halloween day with cute, polite trick-or-treaters, and a fairly relaxing Sunday.
I went off the Pill yesterday - was just on it to try to make that lovely monthly time a little more manageable, but all it did was give me a nonstop period and for some reason lots of anxiety - and I feel better already. More like myself.
The snow is finally melting - yay.
I'm working this week for the first time in weeks. Hope I remember how to be productive. It will be nice to make a little money and see some people and feel needed.
There! I wrote something! Yay for me!

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