Tuesday, November 3, 2009


At least I can always write about what I'm grateful for. And that is helpful in many ways.
I'm grateful that I accomplished a few things when I went into the office, even for such a short time. And that it turned out to be a good thing I went in.
I'm grateful for my adorable nephew, who turned 7 today.
I'm happy that I finally called my dad, and he was happy to hear from me and not too crabby about how long it's been since I last called. And he sounded good, too, still feeling healthy now that he is treating his diabetes.
I'm glad that my daughter's periodontist appointment went well -- her gum recession is not any worse, no need to do anything at this time -- and that her periodontist is charming and movie-star handsome.
I'm happy that my boss is on the mend from a surgical procedure and that I can make a little money and feel useful filling in for her.
And that's my gratitude for the day. And I'm grateful that I wrote something.
2009-10-20 085

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