Tuesday, September 4, 2007

i now have a teenager


I went into labor on Labor Day weekend thirteen years ago, and my first daughter Maggie was born, changing my life forever (in the best way) and ushering me into the parenthood club. She was an adorable baby, then a smart go-getter of a toddler, a helpful big sister, and a bright, creative little girl.

As we head into the teenage years, we're starting to get the eye-rolls and heavy sighs and storming out of the room that I remember from my own early teen-hood (with the unspoken "I'm so mad! I don't know why! I'm just mad! No one understands! You people are hopeless!). But most of the time she is loving, funny, sensible, and responsible, just the kind of teenager I would hope for. I really hope we can hang on to this kind of teenager. I'd rather not have the kind I was. (Although I never really did much of anything besides sitting and moping in my room, hating myself and thinking about boys.)


I've just been thinking about how lucky I am to have such a great daughter.

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