Monday, September 10, 2007

small steps toward a goal

My friend Lisa and I made a pact with each other. We're trying to support each other's drive to be more creative and follow through on the things we really want to do but are not doing for various reasons. Last time we got together we set goals for each other: I would make four posts to this blog, and she would finish a pastel drawing she had started.
Today is the deadline (extended only once). Tomorrow we will get together for lunch. This is my fourth post since then -- hooray for me! Hopefully tomorrow I will get to see a lovely pastel drawing of daisies.
As we both get in better habits with these things, she will be creating more art, and I will make more progress on creating a website that will showcase her art. How's that for synergy?

1 comment:

  1. Love your last 2 posts - umm, good for you but I have no daisy pastel to show. :) Instead I have 200+ shots of mountains, mama bear and cubs and elk that we saw while driving for 10 hours on Sunday. I'll bring my computer to lunch to share. L